It’s Time for Your Garage Door Replacement

A garage door is one of the essentials of a home’s exterior. It improves the appeal and increases the value of your home, provides security, and, when properly insulated, keeps the indoors at comfortable temperatures both in warmer and colder months.

Besides its unique functions, a garage door is a piece of mechanical equipment, which means it is prone to wear and tear, hence warranting a replacement.

The only issue is that it may be tricky for most homeowners to know when a replacement is necessary. Use this checklist to determine if you should budget for a new garage door:

  • Your garage makes persistent unpleasant noises
    Garage doors aren’t always the quietest, but too much rattling, banging, or loud screeching is another level of noise your garage door shouldn’t be making.
    And when that happens, it simply means there’s something wrong with the moving parts, a problem easily fixed by lubricating the moving parts. However, if the problem does not stop, there might be a more significant issue in play.
    This is the time to reach out to a garage door professional to inspect whether a repair is necessary or a replacement is the ultimate solution.
  • Your garage door is not energy efficient
    If your garage door does not have adequate and proper insulation, you’re likely to experience a spike in energy bills.
    Modern garage doors come with proper insulation, which helps to keep the cold, heat, wind, water, and other weather elements from your home.
  • You’ve had frequent repairs
    When your garage door is nearing its lifespan, and the repairs are more frequent than you can remember, a replacement makes more sense, cost-wise.
  • Your home needs an updated curb appeal
    The garage door covers a huge space of your home’s exterior, and an old garage door is just an eyesore. So, to give your home an eye-catching curb appeal, a garage door replacement should be on the list of upgrades to be done.


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