Identifying Roof Hail Damage; What are The Signs?

If you live in an area where extreme weather is typical, it’s essential to know how to identify hail damage on your roof.

While hail storms can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, not all hail damage is evident. In some cases, hail may only damage shingles or other roofing materials on one side of the roof while in other cases, the damage may be more widespread.

There are a few things to look for when inspecting your roof for hail damage:

  • Missing or damaged shingles: Hail can cause shingles to crack, break, or even tear off entirely. So, does your roof have missing or damaged shingles? If yes, it’s essential to have your roof inspected by a professional as soon as possible.
  • Cracked or broken windows: Hail can break windows, especially if the hail is large enough. If you notice any cracked or broken windows, it’s important to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Hail can also dent gutters, so watch out for that too.
  • Damage to siding: Hail can also damage siding, causing it to crack, chip, or break off. So watch out for any damage to your siding.

By being aware of the signs of hail damage, you can help ensure that your home or business is properly protected from the next storm.


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